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Course: How to Write Converting Emails

Write Better Emails, One Day at a Time.

Take a big step toward improving writing your emails. Sign up for the course and get 20+ free email copy templates immediately!

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You’re not just connecting with customers. You’re building community.

Want to start a conversation with customers or get the word out about a new product, but can’t seem to find the right words?

Join our 7-day email course to learn how to write effective emails, like welcome emails, an automated series and limited-time only sales announcements. As a bonus, you’ll also get a PDF packed with fill-in-the-blank email templates to make sending emails even easier.

With each new day, you’ll master a new email and learn how to:


DAY 1 - Customize your confirmation message.

Sending a confirmation message to people who sign up to your list is a best practice when it comes to email, and we’ll show you how to optimize it for your unique audience. This way, you’ll filter out those who aren’t really interested in your emails, leaving you with more who are ready to engage.

DAY 2 - Welcome new subscribers.

Your welcome email is the first message a subscriber gets when they sign up to your list. Here you’ll learn how to use it to deliver incentives, give people an easy way to contact you and make a great first impression.

DAY 3 - Educate subscribers with automated emails.

Keep people engaged over time when you set up automated emails to send to new subscribers for days, months or years to come. You’ll discover how to write emails that teach them about your business, how to use a product or how to develop a new skill.

DAY 4 - Broadcast your up-to-the-minute updates.

Need to get a time-sensitive email out the door fast? Now you won’t have to worry about writing influential email content. With broadcast emails, you can promote limited-time sales, seasonal emails, product announcements and more.

DAY 5 - Send incentives along with a welcome message.

People love freebies like discounts and exclusive content. If you offer one as an incentive to subscribe to your list, you’ll enjoy this lesson on learning how to seamlessly weave it into your welcome message.

DAY 6 - Share your favorite content as a newsletter.

Do you keep up with news that’s relevant to your business and your subscribers? Learn how you can quickly write and create curated newsletters to share with your tribe.

DAY 7 - Optimize your emails with split tests.

Email split tests give you insight into your subscribers’ preferences when it comes to the content (and even design) of the emails you send them. Discover our favorite content split tests and try them yourself!